Our History

Over 180 Years of Caring and Sharing

The St. Paul’s United Methodist Church building is a visible symbol of Christ in our lives and our community; but it is through our strong, vibrant, faithful, community of believers that this symbol comes alive.

Yesterday. . . Our presence here began in 1839 with preaching being held in a log cabin east of Montpelier.  It was here that our rich heritage of faith, spiritual development, and reaching out to serve others was formed.  In 1850 the growing congregation moved into a small home in Montpelier and in 1868 land was purchased at the corner of Monroe and Ohio streets and the first building was erected. This community of believers continued to grow and in 1890 purchased two lots at the corner of Broad and Wayne.  This is the home of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church today.  Throughout the years expansions and additions have taken place.  The most recent addition was dedicated in June of 2004.

Today. . . Our rich heritage continues to shine brightly and is visible through our actions, deeds, and fellowship activities of our faith community

  • Active in local, national, and world-wide mission opportunities.  We strive to be the hands and feet of Jesus
  • Dedicated to spiritual growth through Sunday School, Bible Studies, Vacation Bible School, and various programs for children and youth.
  • Coming together as a Church family as we fellowship through our Wednesday night meals, United Methodist Women, United Methodist Men; and many other special celebrations.

Tomorrow . . . As the Sunday School song goes The church is not a building…the church is not a steeple…the church is not a resting place…the church is a people.  St. Paul’s desire is to continue to reach out locally and globally and share the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Our hope and desire is that all will feel welcome and join with us as we strive to live our mission and vision: To Welcome, Nurture, Equip and Send Disciples for Jesus Christ

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